Hikari - Japan Inspired 3D Lights

From Pom Pom’s office in Stockholm, Thomas Pomarelle and Simon Appel meditated around the concept of light during the lockdown. As they were wandering around, looking through the window, they decided to take a spiritual journey to the last and still vivid memory they had from the world from before: Japan. All the work was created using Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshift

We took inspiration around the minimalist aesthetic that makes japanese design so unique. Objects, architecture, typography, this work is a digest of different materials we came across there and affected us in some ways.

Image may contain: wall, indoor and monitorImage may contain: light and indoorImage may contain: furniture, indoor and screenshotImage may contain: indoor and curtainImage may contain: wall and indoorImage may contain: screenshotImage may contain: screenshot

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