Industrial Design for Nike Electric Skateboard Concept

I am a fan of industrial design projects, especially conceptual ones. Most of the time this projects illustrate quite well the whole of the designer that is to try to solve a problem in a creative way. Jaehyuk Lim, a designer from South Korea shared this awesome idea/concept of a electric skateboard that carries the Nike brand. I used to be a skateboarder and I never got really interested in the electric trend, however this one is simple enough that would probably change my mind. 

A lot of people are using the personal mobility, but when you're not using personal mobility, it's very hard to carry around. I designed the personal mobility device, which is easy to carry and charge at the same time.

Industrial Design


Most boarders carry their boards by hand when they're not using them.

Ideation & Sketches

Solution: Electric Cruiser Board

Cruiser Backpack