Introducing Spline, 3D Tool for Designers

Introducing Spline, a 3D tool for designers and mostly to help us create web experiences. I had the chance to play a little bit before publishing this article and I must admit that it looks promising. Obviously, there are a few things to improve but let’s not forget it’s still the 'preview release'. I would be curious to see to what extent Spline can take your 3D skills whatever you are a pro or a beginner. I have been learning Blender lately and Spline provides an intuitive interface that will make you easily remind of Sketch for example. I think this is where the product idea is quite genius and such an upgrade from what we have seen from the market. If you have any feedback or suggestions, you can share them with the Spline Team over social media; they are very eager to hear that the community thinks about Spline.. Make sure to check it out at


Spline, 3D Design Tool


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