Lavandes® Brand identity

Lavandes Branding is a consequence of a long-lasting desire for a certified platform that cares about insights, news, and education in the field of agriculture. The world needs professionally and scientifically curated content in every category of agriculture. In the event of recent happenings with Covid, more than ever”. 

Design Thinking

To establish a clear language of a platform we went with a unified dark and green theme of the brand application, starting with a dark logo on a dark green background, throughout the banners, and more. The thinking behind this is simple: by minimizing the contrast of the brand elements we’d allow vivid content (photos, charts, data) and copy/text to be in the focal point all the time — or on the other hand, the people who use our merch will be in minimal branded clothing. That’s the way we want to be perceived: minimal, sophisticated and let our content and people speak for themselves. 

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Lavandes® logotype

Lavandes® slogan

Lavandes® merch

Lavandes® business card

Lavandes® values

Agricon brand photography (magazine by Lavandes®)

Agricon layout grid (magazine by Lavandes®)

Agricon (magazine by Lavandes®)


  • A magazine by Lavandes, for the people.
  • Featuring people from all over the world.
  • Both print and digital editions.

Having a special team of researchers and nerds in the back room is always handy when you want to cover different topics adequately. The magazine templates are created for the future development of the Agricon issues as well as layout rules that will guide Lavandes team while creating. 

Lavandes® banner & poster system

Digital platform (App)

We’ve helped Lavandes with their app and platform in some aspects. Precisely in visual themes and graphic elements of the app to establish a clear and unified language across all mediums. For such purposes, we’ve helped them with photography selection, custom icon sets, and more.

Lavandes® Platform/App icons

Lavandes® icons in use

Lavandes® Platform/App on your phone

Agriculture event (2023)

Lavandes will work with the group AECO (a large fund and company behind the creation of Lavandes) to create events in the future, which will bring the agriculture community together. We’ve helped them create small teasers to promote it on social.


This project is executed by Marko Ivanovic and is a result of his passion for agriculture. Everything you have read above about the client is a fiction of a potential, future client that will have such passion for actually creating this kind of agriculture platform. If you have believed the story, great — let’s work together.

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