Martin Naumann – 36 days of type 2022

Martin Naumann shared a typography project for the 36 Days of Type which turned to a NFT series. Martin describes the project as “In every series I work on, I put a lot of emphasis on making sure that all the pieces form a unified whole. Nevertheless, all parts should stand for themselves and be unique in a way. During the 36 days, I am not interested in designing a typeface, but in exploring typographic forms and developing or trying out new design methods. This year, I specifically focused on very detailed procedurally generated chrome textures and how they are accentuated by letterforms. It's fascinating how you can create the illusion of shiny objects and reflected light situations only with graphic tools. For this, I use only color gradients created by noise and some distortions”.

Chromed vs. Chromatic

Type Design

The type designs are mainly created via grid-based construction in Adobe Illustrator. The typographic shapes were created through experimental iteration and the individual letters and numbers were meant to be kept primarily abstract and playful. Also important in the design were the round and thick shapes, as this is where the details of the chrome texture come into their own.


The design of the chrome effect was done with the help of a custom node script in the Filter Forge program. The colors and shapes are procedurally generated by RGB noise and a selection of different distortions. Here is a simplified summary of the whole process.

36 NFTs

The complete series is available as an NFT collection on Foundation. 

36 days of type – 2022

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