Measurements AR Cocktail Book

Measurements AR Cocktail Book In 2014 Nick Barclay had an idea on a plane to show people what goes into making people’s favorite cocktails. He designed a series of prints using blocks of color to represent the proportion of each ingredient in the drink and geometric shapes to represent the glass wear served in. 

I have since worked with publishing house New Heroes & Pioneers to create a 98 page book as part of their collective shorts range. Consisting of 52 Classic cocktails and 30 curated cocktails from 10 of the worlds best bars such as Callooh Callay - London  the Edition Hotel - New York & Candelaria - Paris

Nick has also integrated Augmented Reality into the cover and 3 of the classic cocktails. When used with the Artivive app the page will animate to show you how the drink is made.

Editorial Design

The book is available here & from various online bookstores

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