Moleskine Illustration and Sketches by Pedro Correa

Since December of 2017 Pedro Correa has been sponsored as an artist by Moleskine and he shared some incredible illustration and sketches he has created since then. All illustrations were made using Brush or Pen over Moleskine Watercolor Album + colors and textures on Procreate and Photoshop. Textures by True Grit Texture Supply. Get ready to a super dosage of inspiration, in my case a bit of sadness because of the level of quality of Pedro’s work.

Pedro is a freelancer illustrator, based in Florianopolis, SC - Brazil. Graduated in Graphic Design from the Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, he has been working on several design fronts, such as editorial design, motion graphics, branding and icons for web, always using illustration as his foundation.

The different places I've worked on since my ingress in graphic design have provided me with the development of a very diverse tracing, adapted to several illustration techniques, making me able to fulfill the different needs of each client. It has been four years since I started to be a full time illustrator, and this site gathers the best work that I have made during this period


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