Brand Identity and Packaging Design for INCA

Fieras Estudio and Jorge Luis Campozano shared a beautiful brand identity and packaging design project on their Behance profile. They explored some of the divinity figures from their country like Pachamama, Inti and Viracocha with colorful vector illustrations to stamp the packages in a very attractive way.

Product Description

The divinity of the Pachamama in our country is synonymous with the earth represents the power of it and not only its physical part refers to the whole earth in general but beliefs indicate that it is concentrated in places such as springs, springs or Apaches by this the palette that we use for its representation as well as its graphic style is of warm colors but in a certain way subtle and feminine that denote the values of the same its character but at the same time its divinity, the flavor of HIBISCO was the one that we considered appropriate for to accompany Pachamama in this Packaging for being organic with the man's body and helping them to improve their health.

Inti is the divinity that represents the Sun in the Inca culture. Inti is the God who gives life because being the sun itself helps the agricultural inhabitants whose livelihood is agriculture to flourish their trees to make all their crops, cure their diseases and to give in this way the security that the human being seeks and requires is represented by the sun and a silver circle that is why we reflect it in the illustration with many ornaments like necklaces and a living chromatic bracelet that reflects health and divinity life the GREEN TE It was the chosen one to accompany this divinity in the packaging since it is in charge of taking care of the human being in his daily life.

Viracocha is the greatest of all the Inca debts, its door leads directly to the sun is the representation of the power of the Gods, is the most powerful of all but the most distant and is considered the god maker only intervenes in case of emergencies and problems in those that the divinities themselves are involved is why its graphic representation was a god with a slightly arrogant but calm attitude confident of its power is accompanied by the chromatic in strong and fiery colors that reflects the power of it, the flavor that accompanies This god is that of the RED TEA as it is strong and heavy but helps in extreme conditions to the human body.

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

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