YouTube Love: Refactoring UI Series with Steve Schoger

I am been following the work of Steve Schoger for a little while now. He has been brought to my attention via his Twitter account whenever he shared one of his design tips and/or on Refactoring UI via his YouTube channel. So it's all about UIs but it's another take on what makes the 'interface beautiful' but more into what's make it practical. Let us agree that Steve is skilled at pushing the right solutions to our standardized and still yet to overcome user interface universe. It's not because most of us are aware of the latest tools, practices, and whatnot that the rest of the world is. Steve does a great job tackling down what has been done, redone, and again by giving a fresher take. I would totally recommend you to check out his YouTube Channel.

Refactoring UI via YouTube

About Steve Schoger

Steve is a visual designer based in Canada, more precisely Kitchener, Ontario. Make sure to check out his 'Refactoring UI book', an insightful take on user interfaces.

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