Plentiful Lettering Goodness by Naniii

We are sharing the work of Naniii with his plentiful lettering goodness. Such a tremendous progression along the years and keeps pushing himself into different styles all the time. One particular reason why this collection is taking the edge, they are all done with the iPad Pro + Pencil. It's not the first time we are witnessing artists taking a stab with this premium medium. Do you believe the tool like the iPad makes all the difference? Naniii defiinitely puts it in the right direction.

On the contrary of late collections I updated, this one is focused on vector and iPad Pro work only. Even if it all starts with a pencil

Lettering & Typography

About Naniii

Naniii is an art director, letterer and graphic designer based in Marseille, France. Make sure to follow his lettering work on Behance.

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