Introducing the Book of Branding, a guide for startups and beyond

It's always inspiring to see our friends, from the industry, creating and making cool stuff to inspire others. It's a reward that we will never take for granted and we will will always be supporting. We are featuring the book release of our dear friend Radim Malinic and his Book of Branding. For short, it's an essential guide to the startup toolkit — a guide designed for entrepreneurs, founders, designers, brand creators and anyone seeking to decode the complicated world of brand identity design. With the industry shift to product design and interface design, some designers nowadays forgot the little notion of graphic design like branding for example. This is right fitted time for Radim's new endeavour and we took the liberty to share a sneak peek. Give it a look!

Book of Branding aims to show designers how to get the information you need to understand the project and make it the best it can be; as well as providing those on the client-side with advice on how to get the best out of the creatives you're working with.

Book of Branding - Sneak Peek

Brand Nu book titles are available from online stores and high street book retailers in the UK and worldwide.

About Radim Malinic

Radim Malinic is a creative director and designer living and working in South West London. He is the founder of Brand Nu®, an award-winning branding and creative studio working across a broad spectrum of clients. From individuals and emerging startups all the way to multinational corporates, Brand Nu combines visually rich design, creativity and strategy in its work for the big brands of the future.

At the break of the new millennium, Malinic moved to the UK to explore the expansive music scene, only to find even an even greater interest in art and graphic design. Since then his eclectic interests have seen him working with some of the biggest brands, companies and bands in the world. Clients include Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4, 007 Store, Coca Cola, Google, Adobe Systems, WWF and USAID, among many others.

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