Branding and Design System for Fresha 

Fresha is an app that makes the connection and booking process with local spa or salon services from your mobile very easy. The challenge for The Woork Co was to create a beauty-related brand neutral enough to work first, as a white label for merchants and second, connect at user-level with a majority of a female audience without neglecting a potential male public.

The name comes from "Fresh" that aims to refer to that feeling of well-being that is felt after a haircut or a beauty treatment. So for the visual world the designers used a trigram symbol to represent that line of well-being. 

The trigram is associated in asian cultures with wellness and energy and also reminds us of the navigational hamburger menu that symbolizes a container of options in a purely digital world. And that's what Fresha does in the end, it gives you options to make you feel good.

The color palette is based on a high percentage of white, with a navy blue that will act as our black and two color accents that will help us create brand awareness.

For the brand system, they drew upon number 3 again and used three geometric shapes extracted from the logo placed in a 3x3 retina coinciding with the vertices of a triangle. 

We also created a pictogram style to accompany the brand both in communications and in the app itself.

Special credits: The app animation was made with love by Maaaambo.

Branding & Design System

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