Must Read - The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger

This weekend I finally finished Robert Iger’s book The Ride of a Lifetime - Lessons Learned from 15 years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. I must confess, I remember seeing a lot of people suggesting this book, including Bill Gates. I was a bit unsure, I don’t know why. Perhaps because I didn’t even know who Bob Iger was. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and I don’t regret a bit. This book is really a lesson in leadership and integrity. A lot of very useful information that I have been already applying or trying to deploy in my job. The part about the 3 strategic priorities that shaped the way decisions were made at Disney when he became CEO. The way he handled adversities or the “innovate or die” message towards the end.

The Ride of a Lifetime is a must for everyone that wants to learn what it takes to be a successful leader. Here’s some parts I captured from the Appendix. Disclaimer, that part alone is worth the price of the book.

  • To tell great stories, you need great talent.
  • Innovate or die.
  • Create an environment in which people refuse to accept mediocrity.
  • Take responsibility when you screw up.
  • Excellence and fairness don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
  • sense of right and wrong—is a kind of secret leadership weapon.
  • Value ability more than experience,
  • Managing creativity is an art, not a science.
  • Don’t start negatively, and don’t start small.
  • If you want innovation, you need to grant permission to fail.
  • Don’t be in the business of playing it safe.
  • Don’t let ambition get ahead of opportunity. By fixating on a future job or project, you become impatient with where you are.
  • Too often, we lead from a place of fear rather than courage,
  • No one wants to follow a pessimist.
  • Long shots aren’t usually as long as they seem.
  • It should be about the future, not the past.
  • If something doesn’t feel right to you, it won’t be right for you.
  • In any negotiation, be clear about where you stand from the beginning.
  • It’s not good to have power for too long.
  • approach your work and life with a sense of genuine humility.

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