Impero's Bold Identity Rebrand and Site

Recently Impero has unveiled a new and fresh rebrand of their visual identity and web experience. Released near the end of 2020, we are welcomed with a refresh that is bold in typography and seduced by a vibrant accent color. Beyond its principles, I think it's cool they included 'motion principles' which is something we rarely see in visual identity rebrand. Quite unique! Another detail that you would come to appreciate is the usage of the project facts and quotes you will stumble across during your browsing experience. Let's share this quote: 'We put things into the world that move brands forward impatiently'. So bold, props to the entire team at Impero for this amazing rebrand.

Impero is an independent creative agency based in London and Buenos Aires.


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  • Creative Director - Michael Scanteblury
  • Design Director - Davide Baratta
  • Designers - Longbin Li — Michaela McHugh — Etienne Godiard
  • Web Development - Fabio Carretti — Francesco Michelini
  • Senior Project Manager - Clare Thompson

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