TED and Zebra Technologies Film & Motion Design

Guilherme Henrique and Datadot Estúdio were invited by Skillen & Co., a Canadian video producer company, to collaborate with them in designing and animating visual schemes for TED and Zebra Technologies’ video. As most of the content is about non-physical concepts, their goal was to develop visual explanations to work with the interview’s narrative highlighting the essence of the information that was being spoken. “We have done more than 20 animations that are placed over the film. As a result, the video have accomplished to easily inform how technology is shaping our daily lives and what we might expect over the next following years.” The video was selected for the International Design Awards - Honorable Mention 




  • Producer and Director: Nathan Skillen
  • Cinematographer: Lindsay George 
  • Camera Assistant: Brianne Nord-Stewart 
  • Location Sound: Alex Shamku
  • Make-up / Hair: Jena Jacquot 
  • TED Producers: Alexis Reiner / Kristin Wheeler 
  • Editors: Nathan Skillen / Josue Sanchez 
  • Post-Production Sound Mixing & Production: ICTUS Audio 
  • Colour: Silver Lining Post: David Tomiak, Ryan Mence
  • Cast: Jeff Schmitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Zebra Technologies, Jonathan Brill,  Global Futurist, HP, Tara Comonte, Chief Financial Officer,  Shake Shack, Juggy Sihota, Vice President, Consumer Health, Telus

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