NFT Drop — Arcus Collection by Rik Oostenbroek

We have been featuring Rik Oostenbroek ever since the early days of abdz. Rik has been a pioneer at crafting his visual style through all kinds of mediums. His goal is to always pushes the boundaries by experimenting with colors and compositions. By doing so, he has collaborated with Porsche, Apple, Taylor Swift, Swatch, HP, and just to name a few. We would like to share the news on his 'NFT Drop' titled 'Arcus' which is a collection of unique compositions representing different phases of his creative career. If you are aware of Rik's work or even the style. You will surely recognize some of the colors through the collection.

Rik's Arcus collection drops on October 22, 2021 at 9hpm CEST with a 'Twitter link through a raffle for whitelist'. If you are interested, make sure to keep an eye on the announcement. See the full collection on OpenSea. I have included some of my favorites below, let's wish Rik the best of luck.

The Arcus series took me about 5 years to create. Every Arcus is different and unique and was made during different phases in my creative career. This series was the start of my success as a freelance creative and has also inspired many younger artists to start pursuing a career as a creative.

Rik Oostenbroek is a talented visual artist who has been crafting his art and compositions since 2004. If you don't know who Rik is, you can learn more about him at

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