NFT Spotlight Project— CROAKZ by McGill!

PFP projects have been bursting and riding the legacy of successful early projects into the NFT space. They are so many projects out there and we wanted to keep the momentum by featuring the ones who really caught our attention. Another project I wanted to share is the CROAKZ by McGill! which is a collection of 6969 unique CROAKZ inspired by CrypToadz. In this collection, the mention of 'unique' is really justified. I love this project, to be honest at first I wasn't too into it but with little time I definitely got more interested in buying one myself! Another part of its uniqueness is the number of traits that you will encounter in this collection, you will have the background, body, accessory, clothes, head, and more. Some of them are hysterical and that makes the collection quite creative.

Aside from the art, I do appreciate the team behind this collection and also the community. They are quite engaged and want this project to go to the next level and which they will.

  • Currently the project is sold out.
  • You can buy still from OpenSea at a very affordable 'floor price'.
  • Floor price is around 0.08 and 0.10

CROAKZ by McGill

Last one is mine, meet CROAKZ #4445

To learn more about CROAKZ by McGill and getting your own Cryptoadz, check out their collection on OpenSea.

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