A lab Smashing Box 2021/2022

Breaking a plate at the stroke of midnight, during New Years Eve, is one of the oldest traditions of the south of Italy. To emphasize our southern roots,  A lab Agency decided to share this local custom with everyone through the A lab 2021/22 Smashing Box.

They created a design pack with inside:

  • dish to smash at the stroke of midnight
  • instruction/destruction manual that becomes also a poster
  • booklet 2022
  • creative stickers

To launch the Smashing Box they also created a commercial posted on their social media. The box was sent, as a gift, to all their partners and sold through the shop on their website.


Through the use of grids and layouts A lab Agency designers have positioned typographic elements, mainly the "A" - in the Neue Montreal typeface of the Pangram Pangram digital foundry - which represents both the letter and the agency's distinctive logo. They also used initials from other fonts.

Next they designed the poster design, combining illustration and typography on the front, and putting a short infographic on the back on how to break the plate. In fact, the packaging includes a plate with a themed phrase screen-printed on the front, useful to recall the ancient end-of-year tradition of Southern Italy.

Finally, with the same graphic format we have also created print collaterals such as the box, the notebook and the stickers created to be glued on the same, customizing it as desired.

For more information make sure to check out A lab Agency website.

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