Amiga — a contemporary 80s pixel fonts using color font technology

At Amiga is a new look to old pixel fonts. A homage to early computing, retro video gaming, fantasy tales, and space operas. It is an updated version of what we imagined back in the day. At Amiga is boxed but smooth; legible but inviting; evocative but refreshing. It is also a tribute to Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet.

This project started as an experimental response to Pedro Arilla’s fascination for the modularity of pixel fonts, sci-fi movie imagery and imaginary spaceship interfaces. A future reimagined in the future taking advantage of the latest technology to build new-old letter shapes.

The At Amiga family contains 1 plain style and 9 color fonts with sci-fi color palettes, visual glitches and a set of geek emojis. The color fonts are delivered in COLR and SVG font files for full support on both web and desktop.

The color fonts have been flavored with glitches randomly placed. Different alternates were designed and coded to avoid repetitions in consecutive letters. At Amiga font family presents 9 color palettes inspired by the best sci- fi tradition: Arrakis, Cyberpunk, Solaris or Hawkins.

Designed by Pedro Arilla, At Amiga is available in 1 plain style and 9 color fonts. 

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Pedro Arilla

Pedro graduated with distinction in the world’s top Typeface Design Masters of Reading (UK), has worked as a Creative Director at the legendary foundries Fontsmith (UK) and Monotype (USA), led projects for clients such as Google, Amazon, Virgin, Paralympics, MotoGP and Heineken, and designed typefaces in Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Thai and Japanese scripts.


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We are an international team holding decades of creative expertise and a wide range of backgrounds. Our headquarters are located in Málaga (Spain).


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