Type & Treats a vivid, colorful brush like type treatment

Type & Treats is a collection of type treatments, done in a very unique and specific style Stefan Chinoff is using. It’s a vivid, colorful brush like type treatment, quite expressive in nature and two letters are the same. To empower myself sometimes Stefan applies images within the wording and some explosive lines, but thanks to the array of shades and colors, the words feel moving …. fast!

I came up with the style some time ago and it was an explosion of likes, appreciations and never had so many questions about how the treatment is done. Soon hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll release a tutorial - it's a pretty simple way, but crafty. 

The collection is made out of various commissions throughout the year 2020 -2021, people seem to love that kind of treatment and I’m more than happy to do them.


The method is simple, done by hand with almost no special effects, just raw powerful emotion and some basic photoshop tools. Sure it takes some time to control it, but the results are unbelievable to play with. With some light color balance tricks the word can change from happy to even scary, all the same, just a few color clicks.

The brushlike effect gives the wording somehow a raw feel and the vivid vibe gives it a feel and emotion, quite unique. So yeap, often the simplest, but truthful treatments carry the feel and vibe.

Image may contain: coin

– MAX / type treatment for a cosmetic company / social media use

Image may contain: closeup and abstract

- RIDE / treatment for automobile event / print use

Image may contain: drop

- YO / treatment for a summer festival outside MIami / social media use

Image may contain: electric blue and cobalt blue

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