Branding and physical presence for BRUMA: Bringing Flowing Art to life

During 2022, KOBU Agency had the opportunity to develop the rebranding of the BRUMA brand, a major taps designer and manufacturer in Portugal. The overhaul of this 30-year old brand included defining its new positioning, tone of voice, concept and storytelling while its logo and visual universe. Alongside Taini Creative Studio, they also had the opportunity to rethink and translate the brand in terms of its physical presence. The first instance of this work came to fruition during the presence of Bruma in the international Cersaie Exhibition in Bologna, Italy.

We applied the new brand's aesthetics and key visuals, defined the logic of circulation in the space and created an immersive brand experience. This experience was supported by the brand's predominant colors, curvilinear lines, arcades and storytelling inspired by mythological references. We explored the brand tagline "Flowing Art" as a moto for diving into the Pre-Raphaelite references and oil paintings, where mystic and mythological figures - the nymphs, are usually represented as guardians and protectors of this valuable primordial element: the water.

The brand's exclusive positioning was portrayed in a visual metaphor where BRUMA's faucets are like nymphs, with a feminine, immersive space, where the products are exhibited in elegant altars as divine and ethereal entities.

Initial Sketch for BRUMA's exhibitor stand created by Rita Peres (Taini Creative Studio)

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  • Creative and Art Direction Sandra Lopes
  • Interior Design Rita Peres from Taini Creative Studio
  • Brand Strategy Isabel Evaristo
  • Graphic Design Brígida Guerreiro, Vanda Pereira
  • Photography Lorenzo Piano

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