Design & 3D Motion Campaign for Tylko

In the realm of furniture design, there are creators who dare to challenge conventions, redefine aesthetics, and elevate functionality to new heights. Mariusz Becker and Philip Lück, two visionary motion designers from Germany, have joined forces with Tylko, the innovative furniture brand, to reimagine the concept of wardrobe furniture. Their collaboration has birthed a collection that seamlessly marries cutting-edge design with practicality, setting a new standard for modern living spaces. Mariusz Becker and Philip Lück, known for their exceptional skills in motion design, have taken their creative talents to uncharted territories with this venture. With an unwavering passion for pushing boundaries, their collaboration with Tylko reflects a shared vision to revolutionize the way we think about wardrobe furniture. Together, they have set out to create a collection that not only boasts striking aesthetics but also offers unparalleled functionality and personalization.


The collection created by Becker and Lück in collaboration with Tylko goes beyond aesthetics and personalization. It also embraces functionality and convenience. The designers have incorporated smart storage solutions, intuitive organization systems, and clever features to maximize space utilization and simplify daily routines. This fusion of form and function creates wardrobes that not only enhance the visual appeal of a room but also streamline the user experience.


Given the very tight production timeline, we mainly focussed on the overall layouts of the rooms, creating a modern and sleek aesthetic. As we could rely on previous morphing setups, we really could focus R&D on lighting, texture aesthetics as well as overall pacing of the motion itself.

3D Art


German based directing duo named Mariusz Becker and Philip Lück based in Cologne and Trier. You can check out more of their works via the links below:


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