Nossa Coxinha Branding and Visual Identity

Beth Brands was invited to create a full branding and visual identity project for "Nossa Coxinha". Nossa Coxinha is a snack Brazilian brand based in Portugal. Besides “coxinha”, which is a popular dish in Brazil made of potato and chicken, its products include kibbeh, churros, and other snacks that are also popular in Brazil. 

The main goal of the brand, besides the desire to become a reference company in quality and good service, is to match the diversity of Brazilian cookery with that of Portugal. To do that Beth focus on 3 things

  • Brasilidade: The desire to demonstrate the feeling of empathy, affinity and love for Brazil through of cooking.
  • DiversityWe want to transmit the diversity of cuisine through recipes that carry tradition and influences from the most different peoples.
  • PassionTo cook well, it takes more than a good recipe, good products and dedication, it takes passion, especially when we represent the culture of a people through food.

We develop abstract shapes to represent the diversity of the brand's products. All the visual composition follows the idea of collage, referring to something that is carefully done by hand. The colors carry the Brazilian essence in their composition and transmit joyful through vibrant tones, making the brand warm, friendly and welcoming.

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