Computerist-inspired Illustrations

Ada Zielińska is an artist based in Warszawa, Poland. She has shared a series of commissioned & personal illustrations from the past year until now.

A Sweet Escape - CGI Campaign for Chupa Chups

Illusion CGI Studio is CGI studio based in Bangkok, Thailand, they gave worked with some of the most renowned brands, you might have seen or remembered this feature we made about them last year o

NFT Spotlight — Shinsei Galverse

It's been a little while since I last posted on NFTs, let's go back again. I would like to share a collection that reminds me of the Japanese 80s anime.

Nike App Illustrations

The fine folks from Burn & Broad is sharing a series of illustrations they have worked for Nike App.

Sports Portraits made with Adobe Fresco

I haven't heard much about Adobe Fresco, in fact I had to look it up. For those who don't know what is Adobe Fresco, it's a drawing and painting tool from Adobe products.

Microsoft 365 Iconography

I have always been amazed by the work of Microsoft Design and the number of talented designers, artists, and illustrators pouring their skills together for the better good of the company.

The Working Future Illustration Series

Mohamed Samir is a designer from London, he shared a series of illustrations titled 'The Working Future' where he features 6 types of workers to represent a different group of individuals part of a company.

Illustrations from Nature by FEBIN RAJ

We have featured the work of FEBIN RAJ recently on abdz. Again I stumbled across his latest work and I was surprised by the number of new works that Febin has been updating.


AKIRA is in my opinion such a cult anime movie from the 1980s and it's always amazing to watch again and again. Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, we follow the journey Kaneda and his incredible journey. Give it a watch if you haven't yet.

Dreamy Illustrations by Jithin Puthenpurakkal

With the recent news that we keep seeing in the news other than the global pandemic. it makes you wonder what will happen next, make us dream of a better future knowing we have to face a reality.