Real Scale Drawings


I always do appreciate when artists, designers, architects (for this case) takes a different approach to their design process. To allowed yourself and your team to try what we could do to be better next time or the next project. We are featuring Vardehaugen approach at including  Real Scale Drawings and as I quote: "...the bodily sensation of scale or the notion of simply walking through a room cannot be experienced through traditional 3D visualizations or scaled models."

Architecture is not an abstract geometrical size, but something concrete that relates to our bodily existence and the world around us.

About Vardehaugen

Vardehaugen is an architectural studio based in Oslo, Norway. From private houses to urban planning, this team conduct their work both abroad and domestic projects and they thrived themselves to the design process and well-tailored projects.

Every client is different; every place is in some way peculiar and unique. We aim to embrace this in all of our projects.

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