Retro Inspired Illustrator for Lightspeed EP

João Marques shared this retro inspired illustration and motion design project for the Lightspeed EP. In September of 2019, DJ/producer KURA released a new EP on Spinnin' Records entitled 'Lightspeed'. A really energetic and fierce EP, especially the title track ‘Lightspeed’, a big room production with a hard drop and cool sample snippets. 

The artwork for this was inspired by the musical elements present on this EP, exploring impactful and colorful retro-futuristic visuals in the same way the tracks on the EP explore various elements from the past and future of electronic dance music. 

The cover art also features four distinct symbols to represent each of the EP's tracks: a lightning for ‘Lightspeed’, a crystal ball for ‘Jinx’, a flame for 'Burn', and a vinyl record for ‘New School’. Each of these symbols was also animated as part of the promotional material for social media.

EP artwork

Track symbols for Instagram Stories

Full illustration

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