SciFi Interface and Cyberpunk inspired new Frontribe site

Frontribe has built a new website for its talent agency with the primary goal of astonishing other experienced front-end developers. They have shared their process and design snaps with us and it's quite awesome, check it out!

“The process started by outlining the business requirements. After deciding on the core of the business, we started to mock up visuals and copy. We decided to stick with themes popular amongst developers: games (cyberpunk was an obvious pick at that time), sci-fi, and electronic music. It all felt very fun and gave us a lot of room for creative freedom."

Gathering website requirements helped us to narrow the creative process to general ideas. We picked 3D scrollable animation right at the beginning and listed everything we’d need to look after when executing the project. Performance and sticking with native scroll were on top of our list.

The production process was iterative, and we’ve been circulating design concepts through copywriting and coding on every website section. We wanted to create a clickable prototype ASAP so we could discover boundaries and dead ends early on. In fact, half of the design was created within the browser as we plugged the 3D models there and first figured out what we could do with them. We used exported PNGs as the sections' start/end frames and built UI on top of that.


The homepage is the front cover of our business. This is where we started, gathered resources, and have been mocking up ideas to create something nontrivial, design- and code-wise. Ultimately, we wanted to impress other frontend developers. The cyberpunk/sci-fi vibe came up pretty early as something attractive to our audience.

Page for developers

Take your frontend career to the moon through our unique career management service.

Agile developers love to build, explore, and push the limits. We want to help them to achieve their best. Frontribe finds a gravity between engineers and business owners so they can orbit together around the same goals.

Page for companies

We continue with space analogies through the For Companies page design.

Running a business is more down to earth, and we understand the typical challenges of companies. We’re here to help with human resourcing. No matter what your digital needs are, you want to hire the best developers in their fields — those who are hooked on your ideas and who want to ride there with you.

Styleguide and design

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