Self-Portrait Series – Lockdown Diaries

Shruti Singh, amongst many designers and illustrators, created project is themed around Covid19. Her series of self-portraits reflects an expression of feelings and thoughts that crossed her mind during this critical time. It is a very challenging time, mentally and physically. These portraits are an expression of the changing times and the emotional toll it is taking on our minds. Like Shruti, I have been going through ups and downs. Anxiety is always a by-product and it’s important for us to find ways to express the feeling. It’s said that once you verbalize/vocalize a negative feeling, your brain automatically reduces its strength, in other words, if your sad, and you say your sad, you become a little bit less sad. 

Each portrait is illustrative in nature and expresses an emotion I felt at that moment. The illustrations are a reflection of my style of art, which is primarily bold, vibrant, and stark. 


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