Sinc x Magoz — A journey of discovery into the world of NFTs

Sinc introduces its clients to NFTs. The Amsterdam-based creative agency expects design to become a full-fledged part of online marketing now that intellectual property of digital files is safeguarded by blockchain. As Sinc wants its clients to be up to date with the latest trends and developments, it presented its clients with a complimentary NFT, challenging them to think about what to do with it. The artworks, created by digital artist Magoz and commissioned by Sinc, are now on view in a dedicated online gallery.

As is customary at the end of the year, agencies and businesses show their appreciation for each other through means of small gifts. They can be simple cards, nicely designed emails - or bottles of wine from that one French chateau which has a really extravagant patron that follows lunar rituals to get the tannins just right. Last year, Sinc decided to do things differently. It didn’t send gifts. Instead it gave a challenge.

Sinc announced to its clients that this year they would receive a very valuable holiday gift: a work of art by renowned illustrator Magoz. And it came with a choice - whether they would prefer receiving it as a limited edition print, or as an NFT. A challenge perfectly reflecting Sinc’s ‘choose or lose’ motto: the conviction that brands should actively decide which way they are going to avoid being at the mercy of circumstances. The majority of Sinc’s customers were curious and chose the NFT.


NFTs are full of potential, says Simon Phillipson, art director at Sinc:

‘This is much more than just speculating for hundreds of thousands of euros with Bored Ape cartoons. NFTs can make direct marketing much more effective, for example. The possibilities are endless, and new discoveries and applications happen every day. We initiated this project to make our clients aware of this potential, and encourage them to start thinking about it.’

The NFTs for this project were made by Sweden-based artist Magoz, whose work is fast-rising in popularity. His work is appreciated for giving technology and innovation a human feel. For this project, he created unique illustrations for Sinc’s clients, visualising the essence of their brand. They were given the choice to receive the artwork as a limited edition print or as an NFT - in sync with Sinc’s ‘choose or lose’ philosophy. 

This project is not the first collaboration with digital artist Magoz. Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Papendal and NOC*NSF, Sinc and Magoz together created the festive Innovation Parade for the TeamNL Tokyo Expo to stimulate Dutch-Japanese trade relations during the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021. 

For Sinc, the project doesn’t end once the NFTs are handed over to its clients. Simon Phillipson: ‘We are curious to hear what they will do with their NFT. Will they keep them? Will they use them for speculation purposes? Every time an NFT finds a new buyer, the artist gets royalties, how will that influence their decisions? Will clients apply the NFT in their marketing? Will the NFT be the start of a digital art collection? We will watch it closely, since this project is a joint journey of discovery.’

Constructing safety

A wrench underscores pension provider MN’s roots in shipping and heavy industry. At the core of this tough image is the softer, more caring side: the home, which is the reward of all the hard shifts their clients have put in.

The climber

The upward moving figure is representative of both the future Maarten van Vliet Makelaars guides its clients towards, and of the ambition of the real estate agency itself. An uplifting image in both senses.

Good hands

Providing for people is at the core of everything Nationale-Nederlanden does for its clients. Magoz shows that In NN’s hands, the client is completely at ease.


Choose or lose

Innovations are following each other up fast, challenging businesses constantly to adapt, follow, or lead. Everyday brings a new choice. We gave this NFT to our general clients, with whom we have collaborated in stand-alone projects.

See you there

Hybrid and online events bring people together, even when they are hundreds of miles away from each other. Thanks to Sqiffer we can join forces in a simple way. All from our own separate devices, and without shedding a single drop of sweat.

Team Up

Connecting business with sports is a fruitful enterprise. In this image Magoz morphed the iconic rings into people collaborating. A powerful symbol of the various partnerships involved in the TeamNL Expo hosted at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The NFTs are now on view at a dedicated online gallery as well as on OpenSea:

Sinc is a creative agency based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It acts as a full service brand partner, using the power of strategic thinking to shape a brighter world and create solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. Tomorrow requires companies to make big decisions and actively decide which way to go. With smart strategies, clever campaigns and crisp designs, Sinc helps ambitious brands to make the right ones. 

Magoz is a multidisciplinary artist based in Malmö, Sweden. He spends his time creating illustrations and animations, coding, and building his own tools. Using bold colors, metaphors, and simplicity, he seeks elegant solutions at a multidisciplinary level, creating work that focuses on visual communication, problem solving, and minimalism. His work has been recognized with multiple international awards.

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