"Spiral" — Glassy Gradients in Cinema 4D, Houdini & Photoshop

3D images can add a unique and eye-catching element to any design project. The glassy gradients inspired by spirals by Roman Bratschi in these images provide a mesmerizing effect that is sure to draw attention. The colors in these images are vibrant and striking, creating a sense of movement and energy.

The gradients in these 3D images mimic the flowing, spiraling movements of glass as it is being formed and manipulated. The colors used in these images range from deep, rich hues to light, ethereal shades, creating a beautiful and dynamic visual effect. The spiral shapes and glassy texture add a sense of depth and dimension to the images, making them truly stunning to behold.

3D background creative design glass High End inspiration mobile design screen wallpaper

Alternative color variations


  • Glassy Gradients - N°7 "Spiral"
  • TOOLS Cinema 4d I Houdini  I Octane  I  Photoshop

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