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Industrial Design: Tiller, a Minimal Device for tracking your time

We would like to share another project that is currently live on Kickstarter. For this case, it's a beautiful, minimal device for tracking your time. Introducing Tiller, approached with a clean industrial design. This product has been created to make time tracking straightforward, simple, and unnoticeable. Just one tap starts or stops a timer, and a small turn switches between items. It’s a significant reduction compared to other software-based products. Let's dive in.

Introducing ZIPPELIN: a Travel Bag and Inflatable

We would like to share this interesting product that is currently live on Kickstarter. Introducing ZIPPELIN, a one-of-a-kind travel bag that is inflatable! Hand-cut in Switzerland from recycled truck tarps. This is the first rolling travel bag that is spacious when you need it, compact when you don't. I love the fact that it's inflatable because you can easily store it AND use high-quality recycled material makes it even better. What a wonderful concept, check it out!

Beautiful Industrial Design - Logitech CRAFT

Industrial design has definitely become a differentiator. We see that everywhere, from phones, computers, cars, pretty much every product tries to separate itself through a well-crafted industrial design. In the tech world that is even more visible, as the technology itself has, I dare say, been commoditized, what can add value is design. Back to hardware, for this post I'd like to share a bit about the new keyboard that Logitech has created and Bengt Brummer shared on his Behance profile. It's the Craft wireless keyboard

Industrial Design: Introducing Fitbit Ionic

Let's take a look at the latest from Fitbit, called the Ionic (Love the name!). It's packed with many features including personalized guidance & insights, built-in GPS, stores music, heart rate, 4+ days battery life and more. Currently, for pre-ordering, you will be able to accessorize it with bands for different aspects of your everyday routine from sport, leather and classic. I'll be very curious to see it live and test it for every situation. From what we are seeing today from its industrial design, this may be the potential Apple Watch killer, wouldn't you agree?

Industrial Design for Clippad Universal Gamepad

We have to say that Nintendo is always trying to innovate or at least be different. They saw the shift of how people play games, more and more on mobile devices, and created the Nintendo Switch. The biggest question for me is, will that be enough to stop the smartphone game revolution? One of the biggest issues with mobile games is the controllers. Touch screen is not as accurate or intuitive as physical controllers. For multiple button games it gets tricky because you never know exactly where your fingers are, causing the user to miss firing the right button.

Industrial Design: Leaf, a Pet Water Dispenser

As of late, I've been watching a lot of reality shows like Dragon's Den and Shark Tank. Some of us have this drive to someday create a product that is useful to actually upgrade your daily life. Like the one we are featuring today that involves Industrial Design, it's called Leaf and it's a pet water dispenser. For those who have pets, we all have been through the situation of feeding your animal water.

Industrial Design: Kin, the Wallet that sort your coins like Magic

We are featuring this superb industrial design & product design of a wallet named Kin. This wallet stands out from what's on the market for one particular reason, its coin management. Depending what type of a waller user that you are, I think we all have been through a situation where coins just bring you misery when comes to checkout your items at the store. In additional to its unique feature, the material used is also water resistant, even though things are going slowly but surely card-less; let's just say that it's never to late to refine our good old wallet.

Industrial Design: Foldable Desk made of Cardboard Paper

A project where I feel that industrial design shines for its right purposes and cause. We are checking out this design by Seoul-based designer HaYoung Lee for a foldable desk made of cardboard paper. This effort came up while HaYoung has been traveling to India and noticed some kids taking notes and studying without a proper desk and a chair. So he made a design that was cheap to make, easy to assemble and transportable. Check it out!

Industrial Design: Tableware for Visually Impaired People

I really do take a great joy featuring projects that use design to help others. It is the very case with Eatsy, adaptive tableware for the visually impaired designed by Jexter Lim. I really would suggest that you guys take a look at Jexter's extensive process via his Behance. I mean we follow his design process and journey from the sketching, prototyping, 3d prototyping, comparison testing and what's close to be the final product.

Misen : The Best, Most Thoughtfully Designed Chef's Knives You'll Ever Need

Just in time for Father's Day here in the U.S., if the Dad in your life is in the market for a new set of beautifully crafted chef's knives look no further than Misen, a new brand of chef's knives with three simple mandates in mind: quality, thoughtful design at an honest price. The folks over at Misen were kind enough to let us test drive their Misen Essentials Set and we were immediately wooed by the supreme quality (Japanese steel) and functionality (sloped bolster and hybrid blade) of these beautiful knives.

Industrial Design: Introducing the Essential Phone

Introducing the Essential Phone. It has been making quite a buzz today so we needed to share its latest industrial design to you guys, it's launching this summer. And it will be $699 smartphone called Phone along with a hub for home simply called Home. What's interesting is the phone can be purchased with an accessory with a 360-degree camera that can be simply installed with a click that makes the phone cord-free. Pretty cool, I can't wait to hear more about Essential and hopefully I can my hands on one for ABDZ.

Industrial Design Digital Detox Phone

Halcyon is a concept industrial design project created by Mike George. It's a phone to escape the digital world. The idea is simple, we all know that smartphones have completely changed the way we live. The average person spends 3.6 hours a day on their smartphones on social media. The smartphones got as connected, and yet people have never felt more lonely. Mike's idea is to go back to simplicity and reduce the venues where people can fabricate personas and end up missing out on what's important. Halcyon is a flip-phone.

Mumu: A Set of Play Toys based on Taiwanese Cultural Lifestyle

With the era of how technology has evolved, young kids have started to be pretty familiar with our smart devices and companies have started to build smaller and yet more interactive things. Well, Dualai Studio had another concept; setting aside our smart devices and introducing Mumu. Inspired by Taiwanese Cultural Lifestyle, it's a set of play toys to build their own little house structure with magnetic interchangeable parts by trigging their freedom and joy to simply play.

Industrial Design: Disney Camera Concept

Let's take a look at this colourful industrial design by Soo Mok of a really kid-friendly design of a camera for kids by Disney. The idea/concept behind this design is quite fitted for kids as I quote:"The Dream Camera aims to make kids’ get-a-way in Disneyland more ideal." It's a really cute MOD design where I can see kids using and looks pretty solid, wouldn't be worried if it would fell on the floor. What strikes me the most is the different colour scheme that would represent some of your favourite characters! Which is your favourite?

Industrial Design: AE1 Hand-made Premium Film Camera

AE1 is a concept industrial design and product design project created and shared by Jun Semin on his Behance profile. The beauty of this project in my opinion, lies on the pursue of a classic and premium look resulting on a super clean product. It brings a lot of references in terms of style and aesthetics from Leica, as you can see from the images below. Jun even uses that as reference during his design process.  

Industrial Design: Barry a touch bar for creative minds

Barry is an industrial design concept for an imaginary product, which is nothing more than an external touch bar. The project was created and shared by Alex Pluda. I have been using the new MacBook Pro for the past 5 months and I got used to the Touch Bar. That doesn't mean that I think it is amazing, it works. I got a few misses when I try to tap delete. Maybe because I am a person that makes tons of mistakes. That aside, I think there are some interesting uses.

Industrial Design: L-Rod Monitor for your Laptop

Being on-the-go is something we all strive for and being able to be mobile for all occasions is an addition as well. Imagine having a portable screen? We are taking a look at industrial design of a monitor concept named: L-Rod. Coming with a minimal bezel and a curved display, this concept is aiming with a single USB-C cable to both be used as power and image data. It’s an interesting approach for an external screen, what do you think?

Industrial Design and UI/UX: Orion Cycling Navigation

We would like to share this industrial design by Clement Dauchy about a cycling navigation called: Orion. What’s interesting about this project is that we get to follow his process from the sketching, industrial design, packaging and the UI/UX from the product. Impressive work I have to admit and I would love to see something like Orion in action and see how the UI will react in a live environment with cars and streets all around.

Product Design: Anicorn Hidden Time Watch

I think most of us shared our love for gradients. As a designer, I do! What if it shares the time through a gradient on a beautiful watch?! This is the product design we are sharing today named: the Hidden Time Watch. It’s a play on the colour contrast of the gradient to tell the time, it’s quite a genuine concept. It almost feel like an optical illusion and I think it’s such a cool factor.

Industrial Design: Atelier TV Concept

With how technology has been shifting to portable devices for your viewing entertainment, do you still see a place for a TV in your living room? Does the concept of a living room still exists? We are sharing this industrial design by Kwanjun Ryu about a Hide and Show TV concept named: Atelier. The main thing about this concept is about the Audio Mode where you can just hide the TV and enjoy some music. What do you think?

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