Terrific Avengers Illustrations

The new Avengers movie, the Age of Ultron, is almost here and we are pumped for it! The trailer looks super good and to get you excited as well I went searching for super awesome illustrations featuring Marvel's A team. I've found some terrific artworks by some very talented artists. These are only a handful of their works... for more of it, please visit their portfolios simply by clicking each image. They'll definitely enjoy your attention. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

The Same Man in Popular Movie Costumes

I really enjoy small projects in which an artist uses a really simple idea and comes up with super witty, awesome results. It's the case of "The Same Man in Popular Movie Costumes" project by Italian artist Daniel Cuello. He came up with this man, an old chubby character and dresses him up in some of the most memorable movies costumes ever. Pretty awesome, and I really love his drawing style, kinda rough and sketchy.

Illustrated Movie Posters by Paul Shipper

It's awesome to see an artist rocking a badass style like Paul Shipper does. His style is awesome for making posters, and he's got a sweet collection of movie posters, from The Shawshank Redemption to Guardians of the Galaxy. Here's a selection of some of his pieces. For more of it, like TV show posters, please visit his personal portfolio. He'll definitely appreciate your attention. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

ALIEN 35 Vector Poster Tribute

Alien was one of, if not the most, terrifying movies of my childhood. I remember watching this movie in the 80s and getting completely traumatized by that alien thing. 35 years have passed since the release of Alien and it continues to inspire in a creepy way.

Illustrated Movie Posters by Tracie Ching

I find really great when an artist does super nice pieces based on movies. Sometimes we get to see alternative movie posters that, if not equally good to the originals, might actually be better. Kudos for Tracie Ching for doing these. Here you can see some of Tracie's super awesome illustrated movie posters, from some of my all time favorite movies. These are beautiful, but a very brief selection... for more of them, please visit Tracie's personal portfolio. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did! Cheers.

8-Bit Ghibli Fan Art by Richard Evans

It's not been a long time since I became an appreciator of Studio Ghibli's animations. I've recently watched Princess Mononoke and it's pretty impressive how great the visuals look like. Great landscapes, great heart-warming stories. Richard J. Evans, an English artist, has done some super amazing 8-bit fan art pieces paying homage to Mr. Miyazaki's works. These are super great and you can even see some making of pieces at Richard's portfolio.

Splendid Illustrated Movie Posters by Justin Van Genderen

Back in 2010 we featured some of his amazing Star Wars posters. He kept doing amazing art, illustrated movie posters that anyone would love to hang on their wall. I'm talking about Justin Van Genderen. Justin is an American artist with an amazing good taste for illustration and movies. His style is super great and I'm thrilled to show you more of his art. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at Flickr.

The Karate Kid: Final Fight

Karate Kid is a classic from the 80s, with memorable passages like the training Karate by polishing cars, or catching flies with chopsticks. Besides that there was Cobra Kai and their sensei. So many memories and inspirations from that beautiful decade. PJ McQuade captured that amazingly well in his illustration titled The Karate Kid: Final Fight. Wax On, Wax Off. Show me paint the fence. Mercy is for the weak. What is the problem Mr. Lawrence? I want him out of commission. Sweep the Leg. Finish him! You're all right, LaRusso! The Karate Kid is a classic.

Godzilla Posters Collection

Godzilla 2014 will be released in a little more than a month now and we are so pumped for this new movie of the King of Lizards that I thought it would be awesome to show you guys some Godzilla history. This year's Godzilla has got some super nice posters as well fan-made ones! Here's a set of every Godzilla poster ever made (official ones) and some of the coolest fan-made ones you'll find out there. For more movie posters, visit IMP Awards! They got tons of movie posters there. Also, let us know which one is your favorite!

Movies in Color

Movies in Color is a site featuring stills from movies along with their corresponding color palettes. Curated by graphic designer named Roxy Radulescu, the site Movie in Color is updated daily. It’s a beautiful tool that shows the relationship between color, cinematography and production design. The idea started when I was watching Skyfall. I was taken with the cinematography and use of color more-so than the story itself.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Vector

Orlando Arocena put together an amazing vector tribute for the 2014 release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in his Behance profile. The level of details is simply incredible and definitely inspiring. Feel free to check out more of his work as well. It's definitely worth it. For more information about Orlando visit

Robocop Classic vs Modern

Robocop is one of the most iconic movies from the 80s. I remember watching it so many times and I also remember the scene where Murphy gets shot, it was probably the most violent scene I had seen in my whole life. Robocop became a classic and last friday the remake was launched and with it a lot of changes especially in terms of the design of Robocop.

The Sunday Times - Icons

When I saw this video I was so impressed that I had to post it here on Abduzeedo. The video is titled "ICONS" and it was created for the Sunday Times with the goal to illustrate iconic images from movies, music, street art and more. With all shot in what seems to be one take, the video is simply amazing, check it out. The Sunday Times 'ICONS' - This is all about those iconic cultural images that we pin to our walls and stick in our minds. We all have our favourites.

Awesome The Hobbit Fan Art

Since the release of the new trailer for the sequel of The Hobbit I think any J.R.R. Tolkien fans are just dying to see it. But since we gotta wait till December to see the rest of Bilbo Saga, let's sit, relax and appreciate this awesome fan art that we found through the Web. I think we haven't done many Lord of The RIngs related posts before, so I was really glad to do it for you. Just in case you don't know what The Hobbit is about, here's the Lord of the Rings Wikia.

Excellent Collection of Blade Runner Artworks

Blade Runner it's considered one of the top science fictions movies ever made and the father of the future noir movie genre. Almost 31 years after its release, rumours about a sequel or prequel are still hot, besides the fact we probably won't see Harrison Ford as Deckard again, let's wish for the best.

Robocop Redesign Illustrations

Robocop was definitely one of my favorite movies growing up. Being such an ultra-violent movie, I was pretty stunned by the story of a dead man coming back to life as a machine, and it seems the idea is being freshened up with the release of Robocop's reboot by José Padilha. One of the main things that got fans mad is the fact that Robocop's classic design has been changed for a black one, but it seems that during the movie we'll actually see homages to the classic body.

Car Illustrations from Famous Movies

If you are fan of nice cars and good movies, chances are you have seen these cars on the movies before. But now they are completely illustrated by Spanish graphic designer Jesús Prudencio. Enjoy! For more from Jesús Prudencio visit

Exquisite Illustrations by Martin Ansin

Time for more great illustrations here at Abduzeedo! This time, we're featuring Martin Ansin, an artist who has done some super great pieces for Mondo and many other clients, such as Wired Magazine, Rolling Stone and more. Martin is from Uruguay, and it's pretty awesome to see artists from South America doing great worldwide work. These are some of his images, and for more I recommend you to visit his personal portfolio. He'll definitely enjoy your visit.

Captain America & Tron Concept Designs by Daniel Simon

Sci-fi movies are one of my favorite genres because they explore the unknown trying to envision the future. Thinking about the future is not an easy task. There are so many things that we just take for granted and therefore it is hard to imagine how they will look and behave. Daniel Simon is a master of this reality and has created vehicles for movies like Tron Legacy, Captain America, Obvlivion and many more. In this post we will share with you some of these projects, showing artworks and sketches.

Star Wars in CSS

One of the most memorable opening credits of all time has to be the Star Wars text scrolling in a 30-45deg perspective towards the horizon. It's a classic and it has been subject to all sorts of exercises and tutorials. I have never done anything related to this but last Friday while playing with CSS I was inspired to create the same effect for my personal site. The result is what I want to share with you today.

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