U're Doing Great Branding & Visual Identity

Lisha(Riissa) Liao shared a quite beautiful branding and visual identity concept project titled U're Doing Great, which  is a zine-based program supporting those who have been facing life changes. "You are doing great" is a set of beliefs. We may have doubts, hesitations, and confusion in the face of life changes, but we believe in our choices. The graphics and typographic identity seek to communicate the uplift and step-up aspect of the positive response to difficulties when life is changing. The final deliverables of this program include zines in print and digital format, public space, and ephemera.


  • Suisse Int'l, designed by Swiss Typefaces in 2011
  • Suisse Int'l Mono, designed by Swiss Typefaces


Branding and visual identity

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Disclaimer: This is a self-initiated/personal project created for portfolio purposes only, and no parts were used commercially. *The photography used in this project was only for showcasing the work and belonging to their respectful owners. Meet these talented photographers here. *The brand is hypothetical; the program is theoretical. *The project was completed in February 2020 in California.

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