Industrial Design: AE1 Hand-made Premium Film Camera

AE1 is a concept industrial design and product design project created and shared by Jun Semin on his Behance profile. The beauty of this project in my opinion, lies on the pursue of a classic and premium look resulting on a super clean product. It brings a lot of references in terms of style and aesthetics from Leica, as you can see from the images below. Jun even uses that as reference during his design process.  

Jun Semin is an industrial designer from Seoul, South Korea. His design work is a think tank wrapped in the “Idea” & “Story” with the simplicity and exclusivity as well as humor not seen in the conventional commercial design elements. Listening to user's story and learning from their experience is crucial that when designing a new product – not to mention that it’s very interesting and fun. Not only he provides you with a logical, reasonable and systematic approach, it also brings you the most eye-catching objects.

 AE1 have created the look of a hand-made premium film camera. The detailed finish and smooth lines look great with the interior decoration of every car. Classic black and mystic colors satisfy the sophisticated tastes of urban car drivers. 

Industrial Design

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