Inspiration: American McGee’s Grimm


As a dedicated gamer I always follow the news in the industry and new releases in particular. This week I came across “American McGee’s Grimm”. Gameplay aside, this game is very interesting from the point of view of design. American McGee (visit his blog at ) is a prominent game designer - dark rich style of his games is always recognizable and creates an unmistakable atmosphere.

American McGee (born December 13, 1972) is an American game designer.

McGee began his career at id Software. He was a level designer for such games as Doom II, Quake, and Quake II. In 1998, he moved to Electronic Arts, where he worked as a Creative Director on many projects and also created American McGee’s Alice. Upon completing Alice, he left EA and founded The Mauretania Import Export Company, of which he is the president. TMIEC’s focus is original IP development.

Below is a selection of concept art from “American McGee’s Grimm”

by Lin Ran and “American McGee’s Alice”

by Tyler Lockett.

In addition in 2006 American McGee and Ken Wong (see this talented illustrator’s amazing portfolio at created a series of vine labels for wine company Vins Gagliardi, based on the same concept of “twisted tales” as in Grimm

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