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Inspiration: Michael Jackson??? Yes!!! Michael has been the king of pop for so long that we should get thrown out of the earth if we didn't mention him here at Abduzeedo at least once. Thriller has completed 25 years and Michael is about to turn 50 at the end of the week, so it's time to get some sweet inspiration from his work.

There are many things to learn from him, because a person does not get 'Michael Jackson Famous' during the night like that. There's got to be something. And there is. When Thriller was launched, people already knew Michael's talent... he was a true golden boy, known since his work in the Jackson 5. The little kid grew up and became something else. He would amaze everyone with his new ideas and concepts for music, when anyone was expecting it.

Thriller was trully different from everything else... its rhythm and beat was somewhat a revolution, and Michael would get an even more greater Star status. He influenced music videos and music itself hence he was the king of all of it.

Not of all his artwork is good, but we really got to mention some of it, like the 1992 album "Dangerous", a wonderful collage. I remember I was 8 years old and would stare at it and think who different it was and wonder how it was made.

Dangerous (1992)

And there are many things that Michael Jackson left us... good memories for sure! Like the Moonwalker game for the Sega Genesis. Boy, I loved that game!! And its cover design is pretty sweet.

Sega's Moonwalker

Moonwalker game clip. Sweeeet. :D

And of course, the Thriller song is pretty cool, but for me, its beat is not as huge as Billie Jean's. I mean... Michael DID the moonwalk dance for the first time during a Billie Jean performance. That's enough for me. There's no person in the world who never tried at least once to do the moonwalk. I'm still trying to own it. Even Fabio does it. Hahaha.

The friggin', mind blowin' Moonwalker Jedi.

And of course, the Moonwalker movie. It actually sucks, but the cover art is cool.

And at last, but not least, how not to mention the greatest videos in YouTube inspired in Michael's work, like the Philippines detention dance and Bollywood's Thriller? These are the ultimate proof that Michael has influenced full generations of people all around the world. And I'll finish this post telling you that Michael must be remembered for all the great moments he gave us during our childhood parties and during our attempts to dance like him (what was really fun to do). Long live the Jacko! Cheers! ;)

And it was only a 'practice'...

Chiranjeevi's Thriller.

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