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I am a skateboarder and always loved everything about this lifestyle because that is what it is, a culture. As graphic designer, this culture has a lot influence in my work. From the "dirty type" and grunge style from David Carson, that he started in the 80's, being the art director of Transworld Skateboarding magazine until today with simply amazing illustration and skateboard graphics, it is quit difficult not get inspired by the skateboard culture.

Searching on the web I found a huge amount of sites discussing this subject, even at the 37signals blog they posted about it in the: ">A brief summary: Skateboard Graphics. Then I got my hands on the New Skateboard Graphics book from Mark Batty Publisher with lots of images and a little bit of the history behind the design on those graphics. So I decided to post about all of that, so I collected a few images from the web and book to share with you.

Also, I got a copy of the book New Skateboard Graphics book from Mark Batty Publisher to give away. To participate, just leave a comment. We will announce the winners next week.

About the Book

Skateboarding grew from a Southern California hobby born out of surfing to a nationwide trend, which developed into a visual style. While the bottoms of skateboards have always been adorned with graphics, back then only a handful of skateboard manufacturers existed. Today, vast amounts of visuals are created for skateboards, with more than 40 major brands in the market. Because of how the sport has grown, however, many of these graphics are used for only a season, and then are forgotten about - until now. From spreads of full-board designs to detailed crops of patterns and graphics, Skateboard Graphics features the best, most innovative work going on today. Interviews with designers and creators of major brands, like Joe Castrucci of Habitat and Jamie Thomas of Zero, will help elucidate this colorful phenomenon.

Inside the Book

From the Web

A brief summary: Skateboard Graphics - from 37signals

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