Inspiring work of Design Duo Ennis McIntosh


Thumbing through Issue No. 5 of the beautiful Man of the World ( magazine I stumbled upon a nice piece on the talented gents behind Ennis McIntosh, a New York City artistic venture focusing on design and fabrication of unique structures and environments.

Sean Ennis and Angus McIntosh are a dynamic duo that share a knack for creative collaboration and an appreciation for hand crafted work. Sean's background in design and illustration landed him a number of creative positions from building skateboard ramps to developing props to working as carpenter for the Martha Stewart Show. Angus is an Aussie born carpenter, custom furniture designer and design consultant.

Together, Ennis and McIntosh create beautiful things with an emphasis on salvaged goods. Today, we're excited to feature just a few projects by the gifted pair for trendy NYC shops and restaurants to household brands like Converse, Nike, Redbull, Captain Morgan, Bic and Acne only to name a few. Check out their website for more work and inspiration here :

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Ibby Sasso

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