Inspiring Work of Guilherme Villar [ghee-lhér-meh]

Last week I had the chance too meet another Brazilian working for Google, Guilherme Dutra Villar, AKA [ghee-lhér-meh] is a visual designer graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University. His work is really cool and of course we here over at Abduzeedo, had to post about our fellow brazilian :)

I have an eye for detail and simplicity and believe design begins with ideas. I have particular interests in identity systems, typography, information graphics, and strive to create design solutions that are clean but more importantly effective.

Personal identity

Because Guilherme is such a different and difficult name to say in English, I decided to have the pronunciation be my workdmark in my personal identity. It is both functional and minimal and allows the focus to be on my projects and achievements.

Fortaleza 2020

A fictional 2020 Olympic Games project for the city of Fortaleza in northern Brazil. An identity system was created around the primary and secondary logos which emerged from the concept of unity and the environment.

Other works

For more information about Guilherme visit:

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