Interaction Design & UI/UX: Transit Tracker Concept

Let's take a look at this interesting interaction design concept of a transit tracker by Matteo Mapelli. As I am starting to see a trend with designers using the font: Montserrat; it's a great readable font especially on apps. What I really enjoy about this concept is the main (bottom) navigation, that subtle-overlayed gradient and wrapped with the menu button is quite neat. What raises a question is the use of the map when you've actually found your destination and also the use of the other features from the navigation. Overall, it's pretty great!

Published via Behance is the work from Matteo Mapelli who is a digital art director based in Milan, Italy. Focusing his work into UI/UX, web design and art direction, you should definitely follow Matteo on Instagram.

Interaction Design & UI/UX: Transit Tracker Concept

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