Interface Design Concept for the Nintendo Switch

I love video-games, I have been playing them since I was a child, back in the 80s when my parents got me an Atari 2600. That was the beginning of my passion for digital games and interface design. Fast-forwarding to today and going through several generations of consoles we land in time and space with 3 major consoles plus PC. Nintendo has been a force for most of the journey, and they are still today. With the Nintendo Switch they changed the game creating a hybrid console that can be played on the go or attached to the TV. I love the Switch and everything about it but when I saw the concept idea that Shen Wong created for what the UI of the system could look like I learned that everything could be improved. 

Shen created a series of concept designs for the system UI as well as the mobile app; everything looks well thought, colorful and very aligned with the Nintendo brand. It's a great resource of inspiration.

Interface Design

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