Interview with Mr. Thoms

Contemporary street art got so much influenced by illustration and design on a positive way that nowadays we got some really impressive artists out there. I came across the work of Mr. Thoms by looking at some Behance profiles and I gotta say this guys got some serious skills. Today we had the pleasure to have this little chat with him.

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1) First of all I would like to thank you for doing this interview, it is an honor for us to introduce more about yourself to our readers. Let me start by asking you when your interest in illustration and street art has begun?

I begin my dialogue with the road back in 1996.

She called me and I answered.

Just as happens when you have an interesting conversation, I got carried away by emotions.

2) Which artists do you use as a reference?

The artists that have most raped my mind: surely the Surrealist painters.

The refinement of the painting technique that combines the concept of a free interpretation.

In summary, that's what I try to do I also when I realize my works.

3) Your style is very much influenced by cartoons and graffiti. How did you develop this style and how would you describe it?

When I am able to describe my style this will mean that I will not have anything else to say.

I firmly believe that style is the death of the trial.

My style is a mix of many influences that my mind subconsciously absorbs and continues to mix non-stop giving shape to new lines, concepts and colors. I dare say that the research itself is my style.

4) Describe us a bit of your creative process when creating a piece.

My creative process when working in the street:

It usually happens when I bring my trusty walking my little dog Kijo.

This allows me to get undisturbed in the abandoned factories and places with the excuse that he has to do his business.

Wandering free and distracted.

Usually is the same wall that speaks to me. I put it in focus.

At that time, the design is still imprisoned in the architectural structure and I scream :"Please! Deliver!"

After a careful photographic report back to the studio and begin to sketch the idea on the location of the photo.

A that point, the bulk of the work its ready.

My rig Rollers and brushes stairs and run to free the hostage!

5) Nowadays street art and graffiti have been recognized as a legitimate art form, with many urban artist to be invited to exhibit their work in galleries. But also, we see many fine artists try their project on road surfaces. Tell us what you think about this topic.

I am proud to be a representative of this wonderful and revolutionary art movement called " Street Art ".

Of all the movements I think it is still the most altruistic and potentially less exploitable from the corrupt system of the art world.

See mural art as a tool for transmitting messages that arrive and depart from the bottom up, upward.

A half still pure , through which it is still not to be granted or conveyed instrumentalized.

I remain of the view that street art is born and must remain in the streets, in contrast, would not make more sense to call it that.

Of course I am not against artists who exhibit in galleries, exhibitions, and I myself can not bite the hand that feeds, but at this point given the general confusion on the subject I should make a clarification : "The Real Art " is and remains the noblest form of personal expression, because free and open, everything else is other stuff.

I would only like to point out that there is a substantial difference between those who express themselves free in the streets without any desire to sell something, and those who are not expressing anything anyway try in all ways to sell their product empty inside the gallery. The road is my real gallery, all the rest is commercial .

6) How would you describe your daily routine?

Fortunately or unfortunately, my days have not yet become a routine ever.

The versatility and my innate curiosity always pushing me to experiment in new fields , learn to explore and learn everything that I know.

Ranging in this way I can always find new stimulate in order to return enriched every time I build my new work.

7) Being a multimedia artist, please tell us what is your favorite medium to work with? Why?

Although I often find yourself working with a graphics tablet computer as a matter of practicality and timing, my favorite remains the paper support, find them on the enjoyment of the sign affects matter, that's where it all started and it I will always want to return.

8) Tell us five lessons you think are really important for every street artist.

I would not give lessons to anyone, everyone has to look his way alone, and once found, pursue it with enthusiasm and perseverance, while remaining faithful to the feeling that from the beginning has sprung the whole.

9) Tell us five sites that you want to visit.



10) Thank you again for your time, please leave a final message for those who are starting out on this type of activity.

Be yourself and have something to say.

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