Interview with Photo Illustrator Wojciech Magierski

This interview is totally awesome with the Polish graphic designer and digital illustrator Wojciech Magiersky aka M4gik. He give us all access to his work and tell us some secrets, check it out!

Lets start up with the usual, tell us about yourself?

My name is Wojciech Magierski aka m4gik. I am a graphic designer from Poland. I live in Cracow most beautiful polish city :) My passion is creating and designing graphic. Actually it's my job and I love it. I'm especially focused on photo manipulation and illustration.

When did you start this passion for design and graphics, and what did you do to take it further and turn it in to your profession?

I have always loved painting and drawing. My uncle is a well-known Polish sculptor, and my mother makes professional artistic jewelery, so I think I have inherited my art passion after them. When I got my first computer I used it first only for playing games. A couple years later I started creating some graphics in the Photoshop. I realized that I could replaced painting on the paper by painting in the Photoshop. It was my great hobby. After I had finished the high school, I decided to continue that and start studies combining my computers skills and my passion for art. It was a wonderful idea, because I realized that it was just what I would like to do as my proper job. Currently, I try to develop and improve my skills and I try to get better all the time. At the moment, I work for an creative agency based in Krakow and I'm happy that I do what I love.

Lately I've been seeing a lot of great digital illustrator and designers from Poland. What kind a support the country gives to people who want to follow this path of design?

You are right. There are a lot of talented digital artists on a international level in Poland, but we have few schools where you can learn graphic design skills. It is still new subject for our colleges. They don't follow market needs. I hope it will be changed soon. I know that education is very important, but in my opinion, it is one of many factors to be successful. I know many graphics designers, who didn't graduated any collages but achieve their goals successfully. From my point of view, if you discover your passion, talent and determination in doing that, you will be one of the best :)

Lets talk a bit about your work, looking at your work is obviously that you have unbelievable skills and a very creative mind, how do you define your style?

Thanks for nice words. I very appreciate your opinion. I have a little bit problem with defining my style. I'm still on researching a way if you know what I mean. I would like to try many things, experience them, surprise others by doing something new and fresh.

Where do you find inspiration to create such awesome pieces?

I think that everything that surrounding you, may be your inspiration. Sometimes just one detail can make that you feel yourself creative and inspired. If you are sensitive man, you can see deeply then others. I have also my favorite time to create new projects - it is time just before sleeping. Besides, I very like review abduzeedo website and the famous Daily Inspirations to meet something interesting for me.

Tell us about your process of creating, how do you go from nothing to a very complex final image?

In the beginning, is an idea. But it is very common that during creating process most things are changed so finally effect is quite different that initial one. It attaches great importance to composition. From my point of view, it is really significant element in designing. When every element suits to others - adding some next, is quite easy. After that I looked for proper light and colours to make my project dynamic and interesting.

I noticed you do a lot of collab work, how important you think that is for your work and what do you learn from these experiences?

If you do collab work, you can learn a lot. And it is great fun ! There were nice experiences for me. I do it with pleasure. In case of Mike Campau, I liked his CG COVER GIRL. I suggest him co-operation in doing something together. He agreed and we did great project, which was awarded in one of the graphic portals. Collab work with Mike Campau

Thank you so much for this interview, was a pleasure having you here at abduzeedo and I'll leave the last words up to you.

Paulo, I very appreciate your interview. I wish you all the best in private and professional life. Thank you very much.

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