Intrinsic Nature: Experiment 11


The online art group known as Intrinsic Nature, a group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world. Recently, they released the 11th exhibition and definitely worth to check it out.

Returning once again after our 10th successful exhibition, Intrinsic Nature and our core of artists is proud to present the 11th experiment, filled with a multitude of artistic styles, diverse photography, and engaging music. Headlined by newcomers Finnian MacManus, Johnston Ting, and Roy Hessels, IN11 showcases 72 works of art created by 46 international artists.

For more information about Intrinsic Nature and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Intrinsic Nature on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @IntrinsicNature.

Splash by Agiaco and Mossawi

The Nature o by Billelis and Chris Valentine

Chill Out by Ain Soph and Sahir Khan

Golden by Wagsi and Dos19

The Divine Image by Jess Whitehead

October by nagiViTy

Cavacity by Ecstatic

Noodle Doodle by HuMAC

Capture the flag by Johnson Ting

Misty Morning by Smiling Demon

Freeing a Caged Mind by Finnian

Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs by Ma7

Intrinsic Nature by Martin Grohs

At your service by Berthjan

Aqua Dweller by Perdohlr

Jabuti by Ramon de Andrade

Decree by Khyzyl Saleem

Skyland by Adam

Rose Garden by Sahir Khan

The Forgotten Land by Leonk

Enslavement by Drake

The Missing Link by Billelis

Delicious Centipede by Rockfield

Growing Up by Maebh Costello

Last breath of Nedolya by Karim Fakhoury

Ajna by Jinchilla

Life by Sander Abbema

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François Hoang

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