Introducing Adobe Creative Resident Chelsea Burton

We hope you're getting familiar with the Adobe Creative Residency program at this point, an amazing endeavor brought to us by the dreamers at Adobe who are generously empowering talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a passion project, while sharing their experiences and processes with the creative community. Today, we're excited to mark day four with the inspiring work of Chelsea Burton, a graphic designer and illustrator hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania with a passion for street art, skate board-smithing & longboard deck designing who develops her own line of boards showcasing original artwork. 

“I plan to approach topics that most strongly reside within me, including the public perception of female strength, individuality, sustainability, product quality, and—always—functional and accessible art application,” says Burton.

Chelsea will spend her Residency year creating and launching a new line of longboards as a follow-up to her university senior show and serving as a grander launching pad for a lifelong entrepreneurial goal. She will design and create both the wood decks and vinyl graphics with messages to inspire others to find the purpose and meaning of creativity in everyday activities. Chelsea has a strong belief that her products aren’t necessarily part of a traditional craft, but they have the potential to broaden public awareness about the possibilities of intentional and functional art application.


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A lifelong pledge in opposition to the clean-cut framework that is housed in expensive taste, my artwork has always found it’s calling in the nitty-gritty, bump and grind freedom of the streets. A sketchbook has continuously been only a beginning—a basic map from which my work is pulled off the page and pushed to the limit of reality. There is a desire to have my work to be revisited and to be used; I want it to go beyond white walls, creep into every crack, and breathe in every city bustling with life.

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