Introducing Artist Jurryt Visser


Jurryt Visser, born January 1989 in the Netherlands, began drawing at a very young age. People said he had an “eye” for the arts. In years to come, he would take a course in an effort to learn the finer points of graphic design. It fit him perfectly. He began to create digital art, improving with each piece. Always wanting to be unique, he found his own vector style, like many of our readers find their own individuality.

Fast forward a few years, his passion for the arts continued, but his interests gravitated steadily toward graphic design. Why? He values uniqueness and a sense of individuality. He considers himself to be a "koppige" designer, meaning he is very original. Following three Iears working with different design agencies, originally as a designer and finally as an art director, he started his own business: free to do as he pleased and portray the world in his own manner.

His goal is to reach out to clients and satisfy them with unique artwork. Someday, he hopes, his hard work as an artist will take him to the top.

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Written by

Andrew Washuta