Introducing Craft Sync for Photoshop by Invision

Earlier this month we shared the latest and greatest from the folks over Invision, the latest from Craft that is now available for Photoshop on Mac and Windows users.

And they called it: Sync. What is it? It’s their latest on improving on workflow within Sketch or Photoshop where you’ll be able to sync directly your artboards to Invision with one single click, everything instantly. It’s going to be done! You’ll get to control what you sync and in addition it will be a great addition to how you hand-off your designs to developers using Invision Inspect.

See how it works


Now with Craft Sync, experience a better product design workflow by seamlessly syncing your files from whatever design environment you choose. No matter where you choose to create, your path to design-to-prototype continuity is a simple as click, sync, and done.
Introducing Craft Sync for Photoshop by Invision

That’s it! Choose individual files or documents to send, or select a whole bunch of them. Best of all, it’s instant—designs sync with lightning speed.

How to get started with Craft by Invision.

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