Introducing John Mark Herskind


He's a young 18 years old freelance graphic artist from Columbia, South Carolina. He's also a staff member at SlashTHREE, as well as an artist at Intrinsic Nature. On top of that he's the founder and creative director of Designers Against Child Slavery (also known as DACS), a non-profit art group aimed at using art and design to restore the lives of women and children victimized by the commercial sex trade.

What's common for creativity is that it comes from inspiration. Inspiration found in the world we live in, and the people we live with. Its found when we share with them, building on what's given from the diversity of peoples thoughts, and perspectives. So try and drop the assumptions that you know how to do things, and already know the solution. Stray away from the direct path. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.John Mark Herskind

You can check his work on , follow his work on or follow him on Twitter @jmherskind .

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