Introducing Library from Invision

This week, our friends over at Invision have announced that former Adobe Product Manager on the Adobe Experience Design Product (XD) is joining their team, introducing Sarah Hunt. Today, they are announcing their latest feature and it's  Library. What is it? It's going to allow designers to store files in the cloud where updates can happen in real-time.

We believe that a deep understanding of collaboration drives the future of screen design.

• With Library, create a single source of truth for your project’s design. That truth is cloud-connected, so changes you make automatically apply to your whole team’s design files. It’s cloud-connected design assets for your entire team.
• Change an icon color and apply it to everyone’s design files. Tweak a logo and do the same. Enjoy design consistency at its best—and never use the wrong assets again.
• Plus, a previous Craft plugin, Styles, is now bundled within Library. Using the new Document tab, you can generate those same stunning style guides with a single click.

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