Introducing the new InVision - Sneak Peek

We are very close to the end of the year and the mighty team from InVision are still sharing a preview of what is coming for 2018. The new year could be easily one of their biggest years to date, we are quite excited for them. We can't wait to get our hands on their latest so we can share our feedback with you guys. Today we are introducing a sneak peek the new InVision, please take some time to watch the video. It comes with new features like up to 8x faster, new design, introducing spaces, powerful sharing and more. Give it a look!

In their words

Over the last two years, our product and engineering teams have been working tirelessly to essentially rebuild InVision from scratch. The new InVision—codename: V7—runs on an entirely new code base, is remarkably fast, and redefines collaboration across teams and stakeholders. It also comes with a whole new look.

V7 was built to address what we recognized as an evolving trend in the world of Digital Product Design—namely, that the volume of new products being created is scaling along with the diversity of the teams building them. Design has evolved into a cross-functional discipline that touches everyone from engineering to marketing to the executive suite. Given this, our highest priority with V7 was to support this scale through performance, responsiveness, and accessibility for a wider variety of individuals than ever before.

  • Up to 8x faster: V7’s entirely new architecture ensures lightning-fast responsiveness and reliability at scale.
  • New unified design: V7 introduces a new universal design system to deliver a unified, consistent user experience throughout the platform.
  • Introducing Spaces: Spaces make it possible to organize all of your project-related documents into one space. This includes Prototypes, Boards, and Freehands, as well as documents from other critical tools your organization relies on.
  • Powerful sharing: We’ve taken sharing to the next level with the flexibility to distinguish roles and customize access across your projects.
  • Built for what’s next: V7 lays the foundation for the future of our platform, including tightly coupled integrations with Design Systems Manager and Studio.

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    The new InVision is coming in 2018, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it.

    Watch the Sneak Peek

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